Fishing Holidays - The Pool

The Pool opened in September 2004 and fast became a popular venue not only for pleasure fishing, but also for private clubs and their matches. Unfortunately, from 2013 we have stopped private clubs booking The Pool due to the high demand for pleasure fishing, so you can rest assured The Pool will always be open for pleasure fishing.

There are 28 swims around the outside of The Pool, and with thousands of growing Carp, Chubb, Barbel, Ide and Tench it is a very popular lake that suits a large range of fishermen’s expectations.

The Pool is open for pleasure fishing every day and we also offer an evening ticket from 4.30pm, but there is no admission for anglers or visitors from 5pm.

On the site is ‘The Hut’, which is where you buy your tickets when reception is closed (see ‘how to pay’) and also a unisex toilet with hot and cold running water. The car park has plenty of space for everyone and the lakes are within easy walking distance. Registered disabled users with a valid blue badge may drive right up to the lake, weather permitting (please check with reception).

Opening Times 

Bait Shop

We stock a wide selection of baits and we also sell maggots at £3.00/pint & £1.90/half pint. Bait Shop opening times are 8am-11am & 12pm-5pm April to September. Open fewer hours in October & March. 

Available in our main reception - come and get a hot drink and a snack at the same time! 

How to Pay

On arrival you should pay for your day ticket in the Reception/Bait Shop. If the reception isn’t open then please pay at "The Hut" which is on the car park, it is also the location of the WC.

Simply enter your name and the amount you have paid into the duplicate book, retain the top copy for proof of purchase, fill in the details on the envelope and place fee in the envelope and post it in the box mounted on the right of the door (details of how to pay are in The Hut too). We frequently check tickets and hooks.

Fishing Prices Rules for Fishing The Pool